Union Square

transaction map

Click here for an interactive TRANSACTION MAP



This map is a series of sites of informal urbanisms we encountered in January of 2015. Throughout this map, different types of vendors are located inside Union Square. Food vendors, general merchandise vendors, first amendment vendors, and subway performers are all parts of this ecology. With the vendors and performers, there are also commercial entities (eg. Bank of America, Whole Foods) and educational entities (eg. New School).

There is also a subway map in the top corner of the map. On the map you can see all the subway lanes the Union Square 14th street stop has (N,Q,R,4,5,6, and L).

Along the map, there are quote bubbles of vendors talking about their lives in Union Square. The ecology of vendors and performers existing on the main floor and in the subway represent something profound about this area. The historical nature of Union Square as a place for people to mobilize, that crowds of people come to meet here over a hundred years for various mobilizations, influenced the design of the park for mass public use. From this map, it is vital to acknowledge these agents of public space as powerful players that make up the vibrant New York atmosphere.